The Art of the Triple Buy


Have you ever bought an item of clothing that you either loved immediately, or grew quickly to know was a key piece. That if it ever got damaged or wore out it’d go to a tiny place in your heart reserved for mourning the shallowest of things.

I have!

You know what I mean. It can be a pair of jeans that actually fit, are not jeggings in disguise, made out of real denim and the perfect colour. You wear and wear them until you realise that their days are numbered, either from wear and tear, or more likely for jeans, wear and wash. The next thing you know, you’re traipsing them out even though they’re well past prime and suddenly the become the denim equivalent of an aunty at a Justin Bieber concert (note. I’m an aunty who’s partial to a bit of Bieber, and whilst I can’t for sure pin down when my prime was, I def past it).

If you’re reading this thinking; “Uh huh, yes, hm, sure, sure, agree, but what’s to be done?”. Which you most likely aren’t because I gave spoilers in the title, then my advice to you is buy those rare items in multiples.

It might seem crazy, and maybe it is, maybe I’m just the maverick that doesn’t play by the rules that you damn well need in your life!

I fully got into the swing of buying in bulk when my lil puppy Reuben, chewed up a pair of blue suede boots, which as I type that I realise they sound like a something you shouldn’t even be buying once, but they’re classics, I assure you random stranger. At the time I was merry, dancing around the house after coming home from a meal out with my boyfriend. I woke up the next day to find the boots in my bedroom, fang marks and all, with the suede partly missing from the heels.

The guilty pup in question.

I wor raging. But if you have a pup you’ll know, there’s no point in chastising your four legged foe (as he was in this moment), unless you catch them in the act. If you do they’re just like “What? What are moaning about now? Shoes? Oh those things, hun I did you a favour. They’re foul, you’re welcome.” They do not have a diddly what you’re on about, so they just think you’re being mean for no reason, and that you have a penchant for ugly shoes.

Anyway, back to the boots. They weren’t ruined insofar as they are dark blue, and underneath the suede on the heel was dark blue, so you could get away with wearing them but up close they looked scruffy, unkempt, literally dog eared.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 14.15.02.png
The boots, pre puppy.

But this was liberating, I was a new woman, having found out one of life’s great lessons. The flip side of wearing out an item you love, is that we sometimes preempt this. Knowing we’ve found a gem, we don’t wear it. Saving it for best and worrying the whole time we wear them.

That was the case with these boots, I’d worn them once and didn’t want to do so, in case it rained as rain is suede’s nemesis, as are puppies apparently. But I live in England, and boots are meant to be worn in winter. So you do the algebra. I went ahead and repurchased the boots, they were now in the sale and I loved them enough to justify the spend to myself. Which is where the aforementioned liberation came from. I was now free to wear the dog-eared boots come rain, shine or a shit storm – which when you have a dog can be a thing.

If you love something, buy it twice or maybe even three times. Why? Because you can wear one of the pieces without fear of it getting chewed by a bored puppy or god forbid, slightly wet from the rain. Meaning you actually wear what you like, rather than some raggedy old crap that you haven’t thrown away just because you don’t care if it gets ruined. AND when the day comes that you can no longer wear your favourite, now threadbare item you don’t have to kick yourself with your suede boots wishing you’d have tripled up!



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